Tourism in Casco Viejo / Old Town Bilbao

7-callesLas Siete calles (The Seven Streets)

The Old Town or Casco Viejo (in Spanish), is the oldest neighborhood in Bilbao, known to the locals as the ‘Seven Streets’’. In recent years the Casco Viejo of Bilbao has undergone a wonderful renovation with the architectural rehabilitation of the neighborhood.

If you have a walk through Bilbao’s Casco Viejo you will be able to enjoy all kind of antique stores, new stores, bars, and restaurants.

CATEDRAL-SANTIAGOThe Cathedral of Santiago

Located in the heart of Casco Viejo Bilbao we stumbled upon the Cathedral of Santiago, a well-known gothic church of Bizkaia.

It was built between the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries with a gothic facade and an impressive tower, which was built in a Gothic revival architecture style in the nineteenth century.

TEATRO-ARRIAGAThe Arriaga Theatre

The Arriaga Theatre is a neo-baroque architecture building. A must see for everyone who is visiting the city of Bilbao. Very close to the downtown Gran Via Avenue, you can find this spectacular building after crossing El Arenal bridge.

Named after Bilbao composer, Juan Crisostomo de Arriaga, the theatre was built by architect Joaquin de Rucoba.

mercado-riberaThe Ribera Market

Right next to the Church of San Antón at the foot of the Bilbao river is the Ribera Market, the most famous marketplace in Bilbao, because of its location is a leading provider of high quality products based in the Casco Viejo.

Inside the building, the main protagonists are the fresh food stalls, where the products are the basis of traditional Basque cuisine.

puente-san-antonThe Church of San Antón

The Church of San Anton, is a Catholic temple in the Gothic style of the late fifteenth century.

It is a landmark building for being one of the oldest buildings in the Casco Viejo of Bilbao. It has three naves staggered with four sections each, and it is covered with a cross vault.

museo-vascoThe Basque Museum

Located in the Plaza Miguel de Unamuno in the old part of Bilbao. Its function, as shown in its prospectus, “has as its principle mission to act in the Basque cultural preservation and dissemination of the objects that make up their collections and lifestyles testify that the Basque people have developed over time”.

The Basque Museum of Bilbao Casco Viejo occupies the ground floor of the Baroque cloister of the old College of San Andrés and it was opened in 1921.

unamunoMiguel de Unamuno Square

LUnamuno Square, named in memory of the famous writer Miguel de Unamuno, is the point of access to Casco Viejo Bilbao, and we can find the front steps of Mallona contributing to the old part of Bilbao with the Basilica of Begoña.

The Plaza Unamuno covers numerous streets of Casco Viejo, and we can see the fountain of Miguel Unamuno in the center of the square dedicated to the 4 elements: Fire, Earth, Water and Air.

PLAZA-NUEVAThe Plaza Nueva

The Plaza Nueva in Bilbao is a neoclassical point of great interest, because it is one of the most important renovations made in the enlightened period in the Basque Country.

It is undoubtedly the focal point of the Casco Viejo of Bilbao where take place numerous events during the year, especially on the weekends where it is full of life.